reviews 101: creating great beauty reviews

products in general, and in the beauty world specifically, are as unique as the people who use them. consumer reviews should be unique too. we invite you to express any opinion you have about any and all the makeup and beauty products you have tried by writing a review.

why are consumer reviews important?

trust. people are more likely to trust a fellow consumer's experience with a product than the marketing from the brand selling the product.

whether looking at a dishwasher or for lipstick, consumers search for product reviews to influence their purchasing decisions.

how are blushgarden reviews different?

we've broken reviews into two parts: a ratings scale and comments.

as an example, the ratings scale for pigmentation ranges from sheer to opaque. sheer might be a desired quality for highlighers, while opaque might be desired for eyeshadow or blush. there isn't a right answer, only your opinion.

the end result is a visual product review. the ratings tell a compelling story and the comments add a distinct voice to product reviews which lets us provide a unique platform for sharing reviews.

tips for writing a marvelous review

always include why

the best reviews will include a clear sense of why you (the author) liked or disliked a product. compare the product you are reviewing to other products in order to help others understand why you've formed your opinion.

be specific and authentic

we want details! focus on features of the product and your personal experience with it. highlight what makes it special to you. write about what you see as it's strengths and weaknesses.

talk about primers or topcoats you used with the product and other relavant information that would be helpful to others, as well as potentially useful to future you.

(if possible) try the product more than once

first impressions are strong, but not always correct. sometimes a foundation will not perform well with a primer and works better by itself. trying the product more than once could give you a better overall sense of how or why the product works or doesn't work.

stay on topic

reviews should be about products and should not include feedback about the seller or your shipment experience.

full disclosure

if you received a free product for the purpose of reviewing, please clearly disclose this information. we've provided a checkbox to indicate this, but depending on your circumstances, you may wish to provide more information in your review. the FTC provides an excellent guideline to help you.

people associated with companies who make products featured on blushgarden should refrain from writing product reviews.