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Reviews for NARS Brow Perfector Komo

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Prefer prose? A snappy summary of reviews so far: Considering the easy to apply category the rating of four suggests users & critics evaluating "how easy to apply did you find this product?" usually indicate applies itself. On the long-wearing category an average total of four suggests reviewers replies to "how long-wearing is this product?" mainly suggest stays all day. Feedback for the colour category a rating of five is a sign that responses to "does this product shift, or is it true to the pan/box/tube?" generally suggest true to colour. Looking at review rankings for the natural looking category the current rating of four indicates in response to the "how natural looking is this product" generally favor me only better. In the blendability category an average of four suggests when asked "how blendable is this product?" usually favor blends easily.

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An essential eyebrow tool for filling, shaping and defining your brows in a warm medium brown shade. This retractable brow pencil delivers soft, hair-like strokes for effortless building and blending in a natural finish. A flexible formula lets you create soft and feather or defined and structured brows. How to Use: Define, shape, and fill in your brows with Brow Perfector. Use the spoolie end to brush and blend. For best results, and to create precision and structure, apply Brow Gel on top.

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