Capture Youth Age-Delay Advanced Eye Treatment

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Dior Capture Youth Age-Delay Advanced Eye Treatment
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Prefer prose? A snappy summary of reviews so far: Reviewing the effectiveness category the current four suggests users & critics responses to "how effective was this product?" mainly suggest highly effective. On the formula thickness category the current rating of zero is a sign that considering the question "how thick is the formula for this product?" heavily suggest thin. Considering feedback for the gentleness category an average of five indicates when asked "how gentle is this product?" primarily lean gentle. Feedback for the brightening category a rating of six suggests evaluating "how effective is this product for brightening (uneven or dull skintone)?" primarily favor noticably brightens. Looking at review rankings for the firming category an average total of four suggests reviewers replies to "how effective is this product for firming (loss of elasticity)?" mildly lean noticably firms.

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not a review but perhaps helpful - here is a description from the source: What it is: An eye treatment that brightens, smoothes and depuffs. What it does: Capture Youth Advanced Eye Treatment revitalizes the eye contour, targeting puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles. Infused with crithmum, a natural alternative to retinol (smoothing effect comparable in an in-vitro test), this eye treatment instantly redensifies and smoothes the skin while brightening and depuffing, too. It has a fresh gel-creme texture. Crithmum is found on sea rocks and cliffs and was chosen for an alternative to retinol due to its high resistance and for its ability to grow in harsh conditions. It helps densify and smooth the skin for the maximum diffusion of light in all its dimensions. The eyes maintain their youthful appearance throughout the day and lastingly over time. Research results: In a blend self-assessment on 61 women immediately after use:- 85% said the eye contour was soothed- 74% said the eyes are fresher- 77% said the eyes were fresherAfter four weeks:- 72% said dark circles appeared diminished- 67% said puffiness appears reduced- 75% said eyes looked youngerHow to use: Morning and evening, gently massage from the eye contour to the upper eyelid to open up the eyes.

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