Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadow Palette - Prism
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not a review but perhaps helpful - here is a description from the source: What it is: A luxe eyeshadow collection featuring 14 shades in universal neutrals and prismatic metallics. Shades include:- Lucid (duo chrome white gold with pink reflect)- Eden (ultra-matte coral pink)- Unity (ultra-matte nude ochre)- Sphinx (metallic warm bronze)- Osiris (duo chrome midnight violet with red reflect)- Sphere (ultra-matte electric green-yellow)- Obsidian (ultra-matte deep black)- Dimension (duo chrome silver-grey with pink reflect)- Parallel (ultra-matte truffle)- Pyramid (metallic yellow gold with green reflect)- Throne (duo chrome blackened blue-green with multicolor reflect)- Saturn (ultra-matte terracotta)- Eternal (metallic violet copper)- Lure (ultra-matte ashy lilac)How to use: Apply your chosen shade with the included dual-ended brush. Add dimension by wetting any metallic or duo chrome shadow and applying it to the center of your eyelid.

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