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Prefer prose? A snappy summary of reviews for this maroon hued liquid lipstick so far: Looking at review rankings for the application category an average of four suggests users & critics when asked "how did this product apply?" usually suggest glides. Feedback for the moisturizing category the current rating of two suggests reviewers replies to "how moisturizing is this product?" mildly favor drying. On the long-wearing category a rating of five indicates evaluating "how long-wearing is this product?" usually lean stays all day. Considering the colour category an average total of six suggests responses to "does this product shift, or is it true to the pan/box/tube?" frequently lean true to colour. Reviewing the pigmentation category the rating of five is a sign that in response to the "how pigmented is this product?" usually favor opaque.

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not a review but perhaps helpful - here is a description from the source: What it is: An ultra-saturated liquid lipstick that pairs with high-shine gloss to deliver full coverage and longwearing color. What it does: The fluid formula of the base color goes on smoothly and dries quickly without feathering. The glossy top coat delivers comfortable, brilliant shine and superb hydration. How to use: To ensure ultimate long wear, apply the base coat for clean, makeup-free lips with the build-in wand applicator. Allow a moment to dry, then use the brush applicator to apply the top coat for a high-shine result and all-day comfort. Reapply the top coat as needed.

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