Lightful C + Coral Grass Moisture Cream


MAC Lightful C + Coral Grass Moisture Cream
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Prefer prose? A snappy summary of reviews so far: Reviewing the effectiveness category the current five suggests users & critics responses to "how effective was this product?" usually lean highly effective. On the formula thickness category a rating of four is a sign that evaluating "how thick is the formula for this product?" lean slightly thick. Looking at review rankings for the moisturizing category an average total of four suggests reviewers replies to "how moisturizing is this product?" mainly favor hydrating. Considering feedback for the gentleness category an average of five suggests when asked "how gentle is this product?" frequently suggest gentle. Feedback for the blend time category the rating of four indicates in response to the "how quickly does this product blend in?" usually indicate blends in quickly.

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not a review but perhaps helpful - here is a description from the source: What it is: A lightweight, gel-style brightening cream that sinks swiftly into skin, providing moisture and long-lasting protection against dehydrating external elements. What it does: This cream is enhanced with the active, high-power impact of coral grass and super-duo charged water. It provides instant and long-term hydration; smoothes skin; reduces the appearance of dark spots; and prevents UV-induced dark spots and freckles. It's also scented with the signature Lightful fragrance. How to use: Apply your desired amount to your fingertips and blend over your face.

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