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Prefer prose? A snappy summary of reviews so far: Considering the easy to apply category the rating of four is a sign that evaluating "how easy to apply did you find this product?" tended towards applies itself. On the application category an average of four suggests users & critics when asked "how did this product apply?" mostly responded even. Feedback for the long-wearing category the current four indicates in response to the "how long-wearing is this product?" usually suggest stays all day. Considering feedback for the colour category an average total of six suggests responses to "does this product shift, or is it true to the pan/box/tube?" heavily favor true to colour. Reviewing the pigmentation category the current rating of five suggests reviewers considering the question "how pigmented is this product?" frequently indicate vibrant.

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as an example, one rating criteria for eyeshadows is pigmentation. pigmentation ranges from sheer to vibrant. Sheer might be a desired quality for you, while vibrant might be desired for someone else. there isn’t a right answer, only your opinion.

an added benefit to the scales is quickly seeing how a product might perform. you can identify that a product is rated highly for pigmentation without reading a lot of text. easily compare and evaluate similar products based on identical criteria. apples to apples, if you will.

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This matte orange brown powder eye shadow in NARS’ new eyeshadow formulation delivers high-impact color in a single stroke. The wide range of shades and finishes allow you to create endless looks, from everyday neutrals and lustrous satins, to metallic shimmers and buttery saturated mattes. Pigment Power Suspension technology delivers incredible payoff via pigments suspended in an innovative liquid binding system that creates rich, long-wearing, high-impact color. The addictive, velvety texture blends easily to create smooth, even color. Magnetic eyeshadow pans are easily removable, so you can create your own custom palette if you prefer all your single shadows in one place. The versatile formula can be used as an eyeshadow or liner, and can be applied wet or dry. How to Use: Apply shadow directly on top of a Tinted Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base to create full intensity that lasts all day long. Eye Brush pairing suggestions by NARS: Use a #40 Eyeshadow Brush to pat and blend shadow for an all-over lid color. A #41 Diffusing Brush packs on dense color to create dramatic dimension. Try a #42 Blending Eyeshadow Brush to diffuse, blend and soften color. Or for a unique take on diffusing and blending edges, try the #43 Wide Contour Eyeshadow Brush with it’s distinct shape. The #44 Precision Contour Brush provides targeted application of shadow in the bridge or inner corner. To transform eyeliner, use #45 Smudge Brush with shadow over any eyeliner to blend and diffuse. Note: NARS Eyeshadows are high performance formulas developed to be lightweight for increased blendability and instant payoff which may result in occasional dusting.

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