The Power of Color (spring 2019)

Givenchy The Power of Color
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The 7 piece Spring 2019 collection from Givenchy offers a dash of vivid color for your lips, cheeks, eyes, and nails. Nicolas Degennes’ spring collection, inspired by the colors of the rainbow, bursts with an energetic vibe to break you from the winter gloom and into an optimistic bright spring. The collection includes: 2 powder blushes in N° 2 Love (pink tones and N° 10 Power (orange tones); 2 stick eyeshadow/eyeliners in N° 3 Dynamic (bright blue & green) and N° 4 Passionate (bright pink and orange); 1 lipstick in N° 332 Fearless (bright red); 1 lip balm in N° 5 Spirited (an red-orange hue); and 1 nail polish in N° 12 Strong (a bright dark blue cream).


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