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Prefer prose? A snappy summary of reviews so far: Feedback for the effectiveness category a rating of five indicates responses to "how effective was this product?" frequently indicate highly effective. Considering feedback for the formula thickness category an average of two is a sign that when asked "how thick is the formula for this product?" mildly lean thin. Reviewing the moisturizing category the current rating of four suggests replies to "how moisturizing is this product?" tended towards hydrating. On the gentleness category the current four suggests reviewers evaluating "how gentle is this product?" mainly indicate gentle. Looking at review rankings for the lightweight category the rating of one suggests users & critics in response to the "how lightweight does this product feel?" usually indicate heavy.

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not a review but perhaps helpful - here is a description from the source: What it is: A system that combines a Dramatically Different base of your choice with a cartridge to target signs of fatigue. Active Cartridge Concentrate for Fatigue (0.34 oz.): a special hydration base designed to work in conjunction with your Dramatically Different moisturizer for your skin type that adds a special boost to help energize skin and revive your glow. Dramatically Different Moisturizing BB-Gel for All Skin Types (3.9 oz.): an

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